Question of the day: How do you turn this cat into a hunter?


Spring has arrived in Oslo, and with it a flood of fresh, juicy prey for Ada and Linus. After a wet and dreary winter, it’s lovely to see the cats enjoying the mild weather. Yesterday, Linus put all doubts about his hunting prowess to shame by catching a mouse and carrying it proudly into our living room. Problem was, the mouse was very much alive. I managed to get the frightened creature outside, where it was promptly rediscovered by Linus. Later, Ada joined the party, and for the next couple of hours they were chasing it around until the dinner signal lured them inside. This morning, the mouse was gone.

While I do see the problem with cats preying on a bird population under pressure, I have no qualms whatsoever about them going after mice or rats in an urban, rodent-infested environment. As long as they kill their prey, that is. And at the moment, Ada and Linus seem to have a hard time getting the job done. Of course they play with their food, in the sadistic manner you just have to ignore to be a cat lover. But to me, it’s pretty obvious that they don’t know how to kill a mouse.

I could blame their delinquent mother, who abandoned them in a barn long before they were able to cope on their own, let alone aquire basic hunting skills. But that really doesn’t help them. What they need is quite literally a kind of boot kamp for kitties. Or some friendly advice. Why isn’t there a real Cat Whisperer around when you need one? :-)

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  1. b says:

    tror det finnes en såkalt kattehvisker her på østlandet. bare litt usikker på om hu kan noe mer enn å snakke med/høre hva katten sier ;)

  2. Eirik says:

    Hvis det er den litt psykoanalytikeraktige jeg har lest litt om i diverse dyre- og ukeblader, tviler jeg på nyttverdien. Jeg mener: vi vet jo allerede at de to pusene våre har hatt en vanskelig barndom, med en fraværende far og upålitelig mor… ;-)

  3. Jostein says:

    Det er vel en stund siden katter og tigere gikk hver sin vei;)
    Hva er det rundt halsen? Et kamera?
    Du har vel sett på dette prosjektet, CatCam

  4. Øystein H-O says:

    Leading by example is urgent and key, old boy. Grab thy Swiss army knife and have at it.
    I’m a bit unhappy with you hogging all the spring in Oslo, as up here at Carl Berner we’ve had bleak, drab, gray and grim and generally less than capital weather this weekend.

  5. Eirik says:

    Jostein: Linus og Ada er utstyrt med små radiosendere, som du kan lese mer om her. Mr. Lee kjenner jeg veldig godt til, og jeg ønsker meg egentlig et slikt kamera… ;-)

    Øystein: You have every right to feel miffed about the weather. When I bike through the cold, bleak heights of Carl Berner, I feel so privileged to inhabit the balmy low country of Tøyen.

  6. b says:

    jeg vet ikke helt hva man kan kalle det. er iallefall hu som heter sissel grana ( jeg tenkte på :)

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