Who needs apple juice, when you can have Ubuntu Cola?

Ubuntu Cola is made with Fairtrade sugar (the kinder, gentler way to obesity), and AFAIK not available in Norway as yet (though Wikipedia says otherwise). Alas, as a can of cola is an essential accessory to any Linux install… ;-)

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  1. Christian says:

    Ubuntu Cola is available in Trondheim at SiTs shops.
    Ubuntu Cola hos SiT

  2. Denis says:

    Ubuntu Cola is available in most Deli De Luca stores in Oslo.. It is pretty expensive and doesn’t really taste all that good either but hey, it is fairtrade and has a cool name! :)

  3. olaBaloo says:

    It is also available in the store `Friends Fair Trade’ (http://www.friendsfairtrade.no) in Storgata, Oslo.

    I’ve seen the can there a number of times (both before a less sugary version of Ubuntu became a part of my everyday life, and after), and it is also found on their website.

  4. Nils says:

    Ubuntu Cola selges også på Høgskolen i Oslos kantiner.

  5. Eirik says:

    Thank you all!

    Denis: I agree with you. The taste is fairly bland, but then the taste rarely matters when I am doing serious install or upgrade work. For me, it’s the cola nerd thing mojo.. ;-)

  6. Aslak Raanes says:

    The difference between this and ordinary Cola (sold in Norway) is that Ubuntu Cola is made of cane sugar.

    Considering that they are using a Swahili name for their cola I think they also should consider introducing Ubuntu Tangawizi, a Fairtrade version of Stoney Tangawizi, a Coca-Cola product sold only in Africa. Tangawizi is definitly in a different league than the Norwegian soda «ingerfærøl».

    (ikke helt sikker på om jeg skulle ha skrevet på norsk eller engelsk)

  7. Eirik says:

    English is fine here, Aslak. Ubuntu Cola deserves all the hits it can get, and writing in English certainly is more effective than writing in Norwegian. Thanks for the Tangawizi tip, by the way!

  8. Pål says:

    Ubuntu Tangawizi sounds good. Perhaps it is similar to the traditional ginger and lemon drink in West-Africa? I really enjoy this drink with a lot of ice cubes.

  9. The Ubuntu is a great initiative :) As mentioned over, OAS (Oslo og Akershus studentsamskipnad) have it at all the uni/colleges where they sell food. Unfortunately the taste wasn’t really agreeing with me… Hopefully a matter of getting used to it – I’ll buy it again and give it another chance. Tangawizi sounds good though :)

  10. Helene K says:

    hehe, as a nerd icon it works well, but I still prefer regular cola over ubuntu cola anyday. But hey, I still have the ubuntu cola box standing on my desk for show ;-)

  11. David says:

    I bought a Ubuntu coke at some highschool in Lillestrøm =D, i didn’t think it tasted awful, but then again don’t drink much of the sweet stuff.

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