Mette Newth: CV

Home address: 22, 1334 Rykkinn, Norway

Born in Oslo 1942, married to the British born author Philip Newth, with whom I have 3 children, of which one Eirik Newth is a professional author .

Education: The National College of Art and Design in Oslo, and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo.

Artistic professions: author, illustrator, translator. First book published in 1969, since then; published 20 novels and picturebooks (some in co-operation with my husband Philip Newth) for young adults and children latest published novel 1999 " Under huden", Aschehoug forlag, Norway.

In total my books have been translated into 17 languages. Latest foreign publication is in Spring 2000: " The Transformation" at Farrar, Giroux & Straus, New York.

Prizes and honours: 17 Norwegian, Nordic and International prizes for best book, illustrations or translation since 1974. Some prizes shared with my husband Philip Newth.

Participation in collective exhibitions since 1977: 9 galleries in Bologna/ Italy, Tokyo/ Japan, San Diego, USA, main cities of the Nordic countries and main Norwegian cities. Single exhibitions: Ca. 50 shows in galleries, libraries and schools across Norway since 1977.

Non-fiction: Published ca. 40 essays and articles on art and society issues in Norwegian and Nordic papers and magazines since 1976.

Guest lecturer at colleges and universities in Norway, the Nordic countries and internationally since 1979 on literature and art related subjects.

Elected positions: Since 1976:


1989 - 93: Principal of the National College of Art and Design in Bergen

1995- 98: Administrator of Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression

1999 - Principal of the Oslo National College of Art

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